Energy Healing

Enhancing energy flow to support self-healing.

Craniosacral Therapy

30 min - $60 | 60 min - $85
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Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle hands on approach of releasing restrictions around the brain and spinal cord so that your body can self-correct, free itself of pain and restore health. CST uses very light pressure, primarily at the head and base of the spine, to detect restrictions and restore balance to the craniosacral system.


60 min - $100
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An amazing and unique body therapy that cleanses the mind and senses. It also has a profound impact on the nervous system. Warm oil pours in a continuous stream over the forehead where nerves are highly concentrated. Oil is massaged into the scalp, hair, neck and shoulders. The gentle pressure, vibration and soothing warmth of the oil allows the body, mind and nervous system to experience deep relaxation.


60 min - $70 | 90 min - $100
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An ancient art of healing. Reiki energy flows from the therapist’s hands into the client and opens energy blockage and blocked thinking patterns. Reiki can alleviate pain and stress, promote restful sleep, healing in the body, and relaxation.

Raindrop Therapy

75 min - $110
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Essential oils that have been clinically tested to have antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties build your body’s immune system and increase balance through Raindrop Technique. The oils are applied with a “feathering” motion. After the essential oils have been applied, a warm towel is applied to the back to penetrate the oils further into the body. It is beneficial to have this treatment during the cold and flu season.

Integrative Reflexology

90 min - $95
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The massage therapist will spend 45 minutes moving between both feet, in a back-and-forth rhythm, in order to stimulate the whole body in a balanced way. The next 45 minutes will target sections of the body that correlate to pressure points on the feet. Resulting in a calming effect to the whole body, mind & spirit.

Ear Candling

30 min - $45
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Ear Candling is a practice that been performed for many years by Native Americans and Ancient Egyptians. It is a process that draws fungus, yeast, and bacteria from ear canals and sinuses. It also helps to remove excess wax and fluid from the ear and sinuses. This service not only aids in hearing but also draws blockages, tension and eases the body. You might notice your hearing improves or your head feels lighter. Your ears could feel airy and more sensitive to subtle sounds and tones. You may experience a sense of well-being and relaxation.

Chakra Clearing

75 min - $85
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Using the ancient art of Reiki combined with the healing qualities of crystals, chakra clearing will help restore chakras and replenish your energy. Through clearing your chakras (energy centers throughout your body) it will balance you and help you be the best version of yourself.

Contraindications for Infrared Sauna Use



$25 Upgrades

Enzyme Exfoliating Treatment

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An organic exfoliating treatment aids in deep-pore cleansing, smooths the skin, and leaves you with a radiant glow. Add it to our Organic Signature Facial to brighten and rejuvenate the skin.

Bright Eyes

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This treatment helps reduce fine lines, puffiness, and dark circles. Includes an eye exfoliation, hydrating eye mask. and a cooling eye gel to finish. Add it to any facial or massage to brighten your day.

Happy Feet

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Warm eucalyptus infused towels surround your feet while your face, neck, and shoulders are massaged. A foot reflexology treatment follows to relieve stress and calm the entire body.

Healthy Scalp

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Nourish your scalp with nutrients while our scalp massage increases blood flow and reduces tension. Add it to any facial or massage for ultimate relaxation!

Fresh Face

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This treatment added to a massage will leave your face smooth and hydrated. Cleansing and exfoliation followed by a mask will oxygenate your skin. A warm towel to remove mask and a treatment cream to finish.

$10 Add-Ons*

Warm Stones

Crystal Healing


Collagen Face Mask

Dry Brushing

*May only be booked along with a service.

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what people are saying

“I love this place. I have seen Joanne for both massage and facial's and she is incredible. I was an LMT for 16 years so it can be challenging for me to find someone I like for bodywork. She's excellent. The feel of the space is so comforting and light. The products used are all organic and smell wonderful. Highly recommend.”

- Jennifer H.

“How to get away from it all? Have a massage or facial or both from Julie! I had both and my experience was total relaxation. She intuitively knew where to work out the stress in my body. No words needed to be spoken. Amazing! At the last minute, I decided to get my brows waxed. PERFECT and no pain! Might have been a ride from Templeton but well worth going to this little heaven on Earth.”

- Colleen F.

“We're so lucky to have a high-end spa in our neighborhood and not have to pay the high-end prices. I've been going here for years. They use products I've seen at resort spas. They've educated me on the right products to take care of my face. They know what they're talking about!”

- Jill H.

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