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You Are Essential

July 4, 2020

At Truth, we believe building a better you is the first step to building a better country. This 4th of July, we salute and celebrate the individuals that make America great - it's people! Happy Independence Day and remember, YOU are essential!

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Reopening Truth

June 12, 2020

We are thrilled to be re-opening on Monday, June 22nd! We can't wait to see you and welcome you back into the spa! Here are a few things to note about our re-opening! 

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A Brief History of Floatation Therapy

October 28, 2019

While many American’s have resorted to drugs and alcohol as a coping mechanism, the nation’s naturopathic healers are leaning in to restricted environmental stimuli therapy, also known as R.E.S.T. to relieve stress built-up in their minds and body. It seems as of lately, float tanks are starting to pop up everywhere. But what is all of this hype about and is floating in the dark really beneficial to the human body, or is just another hippy trend to come out of California? To answer this question, we must go back to the beginning of float tanks and understand how and why they were created.

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Truth Organic Spa Launches First Float Therapy Room In Grafton

October 23, 2019

Massachusetts first organic spa and wellness center received the green light from the town officials and public health inspectors to open a new state-of-the-art sensory deprivation room developed by industry leading manufacturer, Wave Float Rooms. The single occupancy float suite features a luxurious step-in pool (which differ from capsule-styled float tanks) and offers more breathing room and comfort. The spacious design eliminates the feeling of claustrophobia.

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All About Intuition

October 21, 2019

Have you ever experienced a gut feeling or a “hunch” that you just can't fully explain? Maybe it's something you feel deep down in your soul but it just makes no logical sense. This is divine intuition and it is our highest form of intelligence.

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