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Organic Skincare

Our award-winning products represents some of the cleanest, natural and organic skincare and makeup that will deliver powerful results. They are filled with ingredients that are good for your body and that deliver solutions to your skincare needs.

Dr. Spiller

Full range of certified organic face and body care products designed to clear correct and protect even the most compromised skin. Every product meets the strict standards to be certified organic by the Cosmos Organic Association. Paraben and Cruelty Free.

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Elina Organics

The results of Elina products are found on thousands of faces. They’re documented in the testimonials of happy, loyal customers; and validated by the recommendations of dermatologists, plastic surgeons and other medical professionals. Elina products produce visible, remarkable results: healthy skin, radiant, supple, luminous; clear and free of acne, discoloration, and premature aging.

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These amazing products are made in small batches, with the highest quality natural ingredients. Special care is given in choosing and developing scientific combinations of organically grown fruits, vegetables, flowers, herbs, and other natural botanicals long known for their beautifying and therapeutic properties.

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Our approach to skin care addresses the primary cause of premature aging of the skin - inflammation and over-stressed skin caused by irritating ingredients and the environment. We use proven ingredients such as Seed Oils, Probiotics and Botanical Extracts to nourish the skin barrier. Certified natural and organic. Clinical and dermatologist tested.

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Jane Iredale

An elegant mineral makeup using the highest quality ingredients that are triple milled to ensure the satisfaction with performance, coverage, application, and texture. Jane Iredale is #1 on the campaign for safe cosmetics. We pledge to provide a product line that has the utmost integrity and the ability to enhance the lives of women through its effectiveness, simplicity and beauty.

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Results RNA

Results RNA formulas transcend the efficacy of traditional supplements. Simple to take with powerful effect, unique liquid-based formulations cleanse the body of damaging toxins, boost the immune system and replenish vital nutrients.

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Soapwalla products are pure, effective, and trustworthy. We believe that we are only as good as the ingredients we source. We partner with small farms to ensure we receive the best materials we can without compromising our integrity or dedication to the environment. Rachel visits suppliers to ensure they share Soapwalla’s value structure of respect, honor, authenticity, and transparency.

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The Easterling family continues to meticulously craft the formulas for Real Purity’s product line. Following the standard of tradition, each Real Purity item contains only the highest quality ingredients and is free from parabens, sulfates and other toxic chemicals. The result? Making the highest quality products available to even the most sensitive of users.

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Moonwater Elixers

If the moon has the power to pull the tides, surely it must affect us. Our bodies are made mostly of water, and just as the phases of the moon affect the waters of the world, they can also affect the waves of our own emotional seas.

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Root Candles

We are pleased to offer Seeking Balance Root Candles, with the science of color and essential oils in one holistic candle!  Since 1869,Root Candles of Medina, Ohio, has been an industry-leading, family-owned company renowned for the highest standards of quality. Now in its fifth generation, the Root family continues to extol the virtues of honesty, integrity, and diligent craftsmanship.  The wonderful aroma and the crackle of the bamboo wick are not to be missed!

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what people are saying

“I am embarking on my first year as a client of Truth and hold the space in such high regard. It’s my intimate place in the world to recalibrate, refuel, empower myself, receive care, and dive deeper into myself. I appreciate all of you on such a high level and endlessly want to thank you for your service. Please continue to self care for the betterment of you -and all that you serve! Your lights are so needed and appreciated."


"The moment I walk into Truth, my mind and body goes into relaxation mode. Everyone is helpful with finding the right products and the services are individualized. I also bring my daughter for services and love that I feel comfortable with the services and products she uses."


"I had a 90-minute Thai massage session with Jeanne Coleman that was incredibly amazing and restorative.The massage was unlike anything I've experienced before: whole-body manipulation, gentle pulling and stretching, easing my body out of knots and bad habits. Jeanne did all the work and would guide me gently and expertly from stretch to stretch. I almost fell asleep!"  

- Lee

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