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Truth Organic Spa Launches First Float Therapy Room In Grafton

March 13, 2020

Grafton, Massachusetts - October 22nd 2019 -  Massachusetts first organic spa and wellness center received the green light from the town officials and public health inspectors to open a new state-of-the-art sensory deprivation room developed by industry leading manufacturer, Wave Float Rooms. The single occupancy float suite features a luxurious step-in pool (which differ from capsule-styled float tanks) and offers more breathing room and comfort. The spacious design eliminates the feeling of claustrophobia.

Floatation therapy is a powerful deep relaxation (in)activity which allows the body and mind to be free of stimulation, allowing one to feel completely still, weightless, and deep in meditation. The practice has begun to gain in popularity as more and more people begin to seek greater mental health and support. Studies have shown that R.E.S.T. and deep meditation has a tremendous effect on mental health and stress release by significantly increasing elusive theta brain-wave activity in participants.

“After experiencing for myself, I realized what a wonderful and unique way it is to relax and let go.” says Julie Bovenzi, owner of Truth Organic Spa. “I knew I had to have floating as a service offering because everything we do here is designed to help people slow down, gain clarity, and minimize pain.”

In pursuit of providing the highest standard in organic naturopathic health services, Truth chose Wave Float Rooms, Clarence, NY for their innovative float room design and quality installation. Wave’s innovative float rooms maintain perfect water and air temperature and eliminates virtually all condensation which results in a highly comfortable environment. In addition to hydrogen peroxide and a powerful filtration system, UV light sterilization and ozone water purification keeps the water crystal clean -- cycling completely 10 times between each session. 

Truth Organic Spa is proud to soon begin accepting reservations from the public. Float sessions are currently limited to 60 minutes in length and priced at $75.

To learn more information or book an appointment, visit

what people are saying

“I love this place. I have seen Joanne for both massage and facial's and she is incredible. I was an LMT for 16 years so it can be challenging for me to find someone I like for bodywork. She's excellent. The feel of the space is so comforting and light. The products used are all organic and smell wonderful. Highly recommend.”

- Jennifer H.

“How to get away from it all? Have a massage or facial or both from Julie! I had both and my experience was total relaxation. She intuitively knew where to work out the stress in my body. No words needed to be spoken. Amazing! At the last minute, I decided to get my brows waxed. PERFECT and no pain! Might have been a ride from Templeton but well worth going to this little heaven on Earth.”

- Colleen F.

“We're so lucky to have a high-end spa in our neighborhood and not have to pay the high-end prices. I've been going here for years. They use products I've seen at resort spas. They've educated me on the right products to take care of my face. They know what they're talking about!”

- Jill H.

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