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The Energy of Health

March 13, 2020

Energy work is an holistic method of maintaining health and wellness on all planes of the self. This means the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual planes. Yes, that's right spiritual. It has been practiced by spiritual leaders for centuries, making its way to America through Japan. However, there is sound science behind the practice.

Each and every person gives off their own warmth and energy. This comes from the atoms that make up our body. They constantly vibrate and emit electromagnetic frequencies. Much like the magnetic field surrounding the earth, we create energy fields that flow in and around our organs, our entire bodies. This energy field is the link between our emotions, our brains and our bodies.

When we feel angry, blood rushes to our head. When we feel stressed, our muscles tense. When we feel tired, our eyelids droop. If emotional and mental patterns persistently affect associated physical centers, over time physical illnesses can manifest. For instance, chronic anxiety or depression has beenshown to contribute to digestive problems or even heart disease.

Our brains are in constant communication with our bodies. When one plane of the self is disrupted – physical, emotional or mental – that imbalance affects everything else. This means our thoughts and feelings have an affect on our physical health. Sometimes healing the patterns of thoughts in our brains and can heal our bodies.

If a physical illness or pain is caused by a mental or emotional source, energy work can be an important part of the healing process. Only by getting to the root of a problem can true healing occur. Professional energy healers can help identify underlying mental and emotional patterns that may be affecting the body. They can also clear obstructions and balance the energy pathways in the body, which will lead to better overall health.

Energy work can be any number of professional or private practices: reflexology, reiki, massage, chakra balancing, crystal healing, meditation, yoga, herbal remedies or a simple change in diet.

The real work comes through personal change. If a mental or emotional pattern has been so strong and persistent to manifest as a physical illness, it has been at work for some time. Only understanding this pattern and replacing it with a positive energy pattern will allow one to heal the whole self.

what people are saying

“I love this place. I have seen Joanne for both massage and facial's and she is incredible. I was an LMT for 16 years so it can be challenging for me to find someone I like for bodywork. She's excellent. The feel of the space is so comforting and light. The products used are all organic and smell wonderful. Highly recommend.”

- Jennifer H.

“How to get away from it all? Have a massage or facial or both from Julie! I had both and my experience was total relaxation. She intuitively knew where to work out the stress in my body. No words needed to be spoken. Amazing! At the last minute, I decided to get my brows waxed. PERFECT and no pain! Might have been a ride from Templeton but well worth going to this little heaven on Earth.”

- Colleen F.

“We're so lucky to have a high-end spa in our neighborhood and not have to pay the high-end prices. I've been going here for years. They use products I've seen at resort spas. They've educated me on the right products to take care of my face. They know what they're talking about!”

- Jill H.

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