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Protecting Your Broken Heart: The Power Of Heart Wall Clearing

March 1, 2021

Protecting Your Broken Heart: The Power Of Heart Wall Clearing
By Suzanne Doiron, LICSW, CBCP

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On a recent vacation, I was at a restaurant and a toddler began crying. She was really upset when her dining companion (another toddler) hit her from his neighboring highchair. The mother’s reaction was interesting. She reached in her purse for her daughter’s pacifier and quickly placed it in her mouth and kept talking to her friend. Her daughter continued to cry over the pacifier until she became distracted by something and her crying finally ceased.

I couldn’t get this out of my head, this little girl and all her feelings. What happened to them? Were they literally stuffed in that moment. It got me wondering: what unconscious messages are created in those seemingly meaningless moments and what  do we do with those feelings when we are really mad or upset?

Now this might sound far fetched but think about all the ways that we are taught in our culture to suppress our feelings with suggestions like “just put it behind you”, “let it go”, “pull yourself up from your bootstraps”, “suck it up”, “be a man”, “be strong”. All those phrases cause us to do one thing. Suppress our emotions.

Let’s think about our heart for a moment. Place your hand over your heart.

Your heart generates more energy than any other organ in your body. You can feel it beating, about a hundred times per minute, pumping blood throughout your body. Your heart also sends messages around your body, sort of like a telegraph system. Your heart can think for itself, and it also has a memory. Your heart also communicates with your brain and many scientists now consider our heart to be the second brain. It knows when you experience deep heartache and emotional trauma.

Heartache is not just connected to aspects of romantic love. It comes in many forms.

Let’s think about your first real heartache. For most of us this is when we are very young. When you experience heartache, heartbreak, grief or loss in life, it hurts. Even watching someone else's suffering can cause our hearts to ache. When this happens our heart actually creates an emotional/energetic heart wall to protect you from feeling this again. This process repeats itself over and over again, causing the heart wall to grow.

What happens over time is the emotional baggage (trapped emotional energy) from the past builds up in the heart wall, trying to protect you from future heartache. This shield is a great defense mechanism and it works, at first, but over time if your heart wall becomes too dense and large enough, which for most human beings, it does, you can block the love and happiness you deserve. You might feel more guarded or inward or that you can’t fully give and/or receive what you want.

Heart walls always impact our relationships. You may consciously know exactly the kind of person you want in your life but somehow they don’t show up or you find yourself sabotaging that relationship and instead surround yourself with people who are not good for you and your spirit. This could be true of your friends, romantic partners, family members and more.

As adults, we go through life thinking we cannot control our emotional reactions. No one has taught us to process and release our emotions, especially the negative ones, and every heartache can create another layer of heart wall trapped emotions.

Unfortunately, the heart wall doesn't dissolve on its own usually, even if we don't need it anymore. So having a heart wall is like living in a bomb shelter. Great for when we need it, but afterwards it can be suffocating and we could feel disconnected, numb, sad or like we are on the inside looking out at life. The good news: we can release it. One layer or emotion at a time, and then it's like the sun is shining in, with fresh air.  

We use the Emotion Code/Body Code by muscle testing to quickly identify the trapped emotions that make up the heart wall. We can also uncover the size of the heart-wall and with intention and energy healing magnets, we release the heart-wall trapped emotions. This emotional release allows your energetic body to heal and open up to more love and happiness!

No two heart walls are the same, but many have similarities.

They can vary in size as well, from a fraction of an inch to many miles. If we needed more protection, it would be bigger. They clear little by little, or sometimes a lot in one session.

I remember when I cleared my heart wall. It was as if a veil had lifted from my mind and heart. Certain people who were in my life suddenly felt less tolerable. I had an aversion to violence, negativity, drinking and I began making changes in my life to reflect my clear heart.

As my heart opened up again, what was inside was love for myself and those around me. So those people who I no longer felt good around, I didn’t judge them, I felt compassion for them but I also chose not to be around them.

These emotional shifts make sense after clearing heart walls but what surprised me are the many examples of physical changes people report after a heart wall is cleared. Stories like the woman who had back problems for decades and it has completely resolved. Another shared they are walking more upright, and didn't even realize how hunched over they were. Still another commented that her whole right side is no longer bothering her.

You can see the possibilities are endless.

There is power in heart wall clearings.

Now that my heart wall is clear, free from all those trapped emotions, I can truly and fully follow my heart.

Suzanne Doiron is a Holistic Psychotherapist and Energy Healer at Truth. She is certified Body Code/Emotion Code practitioner, Level 2 Reiki practitioner, and practices Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or Tapping).  As a holistic healer, her focus is on you as a whole person, body, mind, and spirit and her work with clients can include a number of energy healing practices.

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“I am embarking on my first year as a client of Truth and hold the space in such high regard. It’s my intimate place in the world to recalibrate, refuel, empower myself, receive care, and dive deeper into myself. I appreciate all of you on such a high level and endlessly want to thank you for your service. Please continue to self care for the betterment of you -and all that you serve! Your lights are so needed and appreciated."


"The moment I walk into Truth, my mind and body goes into relaxation mode. Everyone is helpful with finding the right products and the services are individualized. I also bring my daughter for services and love that I feel comfortable with the services and products she uses."


"I had a 90-minute Thai massage session with Jeanne Coleman that was incredibly amazing and restorative.The massage was unlike anything I've experienced before: whole-body manipulation, gentle pulling and stretching, easing my body out of knots and bad habits. Jeanne did all the work and would guide me gently and expertly from stretch to stretch. I almost fell asleep!"  

- Lee

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