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Muscle Testing: The Gateway To The Subconscious Mind

February 28, 2021

Muscle testing is designed to bring subconscious information to conscious awareness. What if you could easily find out exactly what you needed in order to do better or feel better? Can you imagine what the potential impact would be on your emotional and physical wellbeing?‍

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Protecting Your Broken Heart: The Power Of Heart Wall Clearing

February 28, 2021

Heartache is not just connected to aspects of romantic love. It comes in many forms. Let’s think about your first real heartache. For most of us this is when we are very young. When you experience heartache, heartbreak, grief or loss in life, it hurts. Even watching someone else's suffering can cause our hearts to ache. When this happens our heart actually creates an emotional/energetic heart wall to protect you from feeling this again. This process repeats itself over and over again, causing the heart wall to grow.

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Body Code. Getting To The Root Of It.

February 24, 2021

If you’ve tried with your conscious mind to change or heal but it’s just not happening, there is probably an unconscious imbalance that needs to be addressed. What if we could get to the root of it, the deep underlying cause for why you can’t heal or change the way you’d hope. We can!

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ATTENTION: Flight 2021 is preparing for take off.

January 7, 2021

We will be heading into the new year.Please make sure your positive attitude and gratitude are secured and locked into the upright position.

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A Taste of Thai Massage

October 13, 2020

Follow along with Jeanne Coleman in this video tutorial to get a Taste of Thai Massage at home. Grab a partner and a comfy spot on the floor and follow along as she shows you some of the basic Thai Massage stretches.

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