Nicole Robinson

Licensed Massage Therapist & Energy Practitioner

Nicole is a licensed massage therapist who brings a depth of knowledge and compassion from over 14 years of experience. Nicole's background in herbalism, Ayurveda, intuitive energy work, and yoga informs her passion for healing and she loves to get the pressure just right for every client. Nicole believes in working with the body as a whole, and that self-care is essential to a healthy life! Nicole is a graduate of the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy and specializes in Swedish, deep tissue, reflexology, hot stones, and cupping.

We meditate and understand the power of positive thinking. We recycle, repurpose, and tread lightly on the earth. We exercise, eat organic foods, and believe in the value of holistic wellness. We offer every client respect, empathy, and our full attention. We are passionate about the work we do.

Our Awards

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